Customized Courses

In Nissin Art Academy, we have the completest curriculum of art education through our most experienced faculty. Meanwhile, we have Japanese courses aimed for examination and we build special teaching method and arrange our courses based on levels and abilities of each student. We also have Chinese students from master or doctor programs of famous universities in Japan, who will be the communication bridge between students and instructors. Besides, we arrange Japanese teacher to give professional interview guidance before their examination.


1. Student-centered Teaching
2. Skill Development
3. Task-based Learning
4. Simulation
5. Extended Training


1. Drawing course
2. Design course (Color, Composition and Three-Dimensional Perspective)
3. Visual Experimentation Test
4. Guide for Interviews & Essay Writing
5. Art Specialized Japanese Training


1. Research Plan
2. Portfolio Creation Course
3. Portfolio Publishing Course
4. Guide for Interviews
5. Art Specialized Japanese Training